How to Properly Set the From Field with Contact Form 7

Per their recommended practices, it’s a good idea to NOT use the email address provided by the person filling the form as the “From” field, since some hosts/email providers will block those messages as suspicious, phishing or spam.  You should use an email address from your domain, like ““.

However, the caveat is that for some hosting/email providers, if the address you’re using doesn’t exist then it will substitute that fake email from the message with the site default (like  So the solution is obviously to make sure there’s an email account ready before you use it!

You can still customize the name shown on the sender:

[your-name-field] <>

And, of course, since you’ll want to easily reply to these emails, put the sender email as the “Reply-To” header in the “Additional headers” field of the mail configuration section:

Reply-To: [your-name-field] <[your-email-field]>

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