Dropdown Menus [Drupal]

How to add dropdown menus to Drupal. Easiest way I’ve found is to use the Nice Menus module (D6 & D7).

Make sure to replace instances in page.tpl.php of theme(..., $primary_links...) with theme('nice_menus_primary_links')

If using the Zen theme, look for theme(array('links__system_main_menu', 'links'), $primary_links)

Additionally, if you need to wrap links in <span> tags:

Basically, just override theme function THEME_menu_item_link($link), as it's used in Zen theme core.

For Drupal 7 (D7) use print render(menu_tree('main-menu'));. This will give you a nested menu structure, which you can theme to your heart’s content to mimic sliders, dropdowns, etc.

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  1. Sure. (the quick answer) You would praolbby make a special Drupal Region for search by drawing a box where you want the search to show up in the PSD design, then naming the Photoshop layer search_drupal’ or something. Then convert the PSD to a Drupal Theme at psd2css Online. Install and enable the Theme and make sure that the Search module in Drupal is enabled too. Then just visit the Admin -> Blocks page and assign the search module to your new region.

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