.htaccess Resources

A couple links I’ve found useful in figuring out how to use .htaccess files:

  • Comprehensive Guide To .htaccess – Scroll to the bottom of the page for 12 tips on things you can do with the .htaccess file. Everything from password protection to redirects to preventing directory listings.
  • .htaccess Cheat Sheet – A nice listing of different tips and tricks to use. Sparse on explanations though (that is why it is a cheat sheet).
  • .htaccess Tools – A great site that has some basic tools online that can generate everything for you. Nice article on how to detect and redirect iPhone users as well.
  • Perishable Press Stuipd .htaccess Tricks – When you finish reading this you will be a .htaccess ninja! 56 pages of easy to read documentation. At least easier to read than the official Apache docs.

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