For now, this site is just a place to share tools, tips, and snippets. And my wordpress plugin(s)!


The Author - Profile I’m a software developer with a broad range of programming experience from research, consulting, and academic settings. I specialize in writing highly functional, well-documented and efficient code for both online and offline environments. Having written training materials, developed data analysis tools, and rebuilt several websites from the ground up, I understand the iterative process by which user requirements are transformed into deliverables. My knowledge of “hand-coding” PHP and C# and other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, and SQL/MySQL, along with some graphical and server experience, allow me to tweak and fine-tune web frameworks like the open-source content-management systems Drupal and WordPress.

I graduated from NCSU in downtown Raleigh, NC. I enjoy pretending to do outdoors activities (a ruse strengthened by my REI membership), reading science-fiction and fantasy novels (the more fantastic the better), and parentheses (can you tell?). I also has the travel bug, dreaming of backpacking around Europe and blogging about it for my three loyal readers to follow. At one point I had delusions of being an amateur photographer – I snapped over 30K pics with my trusty Canon SD1000, but since its slow decline I haven’t found another camera that made me excited to take pictures.

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